Tips to Consider When Buying A Caravan

Tips to Consider When Buying a Caravan

Planning to explore our beautiful country? Buying a caravan is one of the options that will make your trip comfortable, adventurous, memorable and lots of fun.

Factors to consider when purchasing a caravan for your travel needs are listed in our next segment.

As a caravan manufacturer, choosing the right caravan can be a daunting experience but narrowing down certain factors will make your choice easier and enjoyable.

Off Road caravanning is a very unique experience and selecting the correct caravan based on the below factors is key to enjoying your new caravan and the roads you intend to travel. 

Layout and Size

Our entire caravan range consists of either centre door or rear door models. The position of the door is critical to the balance of the van as well as the positioning of the suspension. 

Our sizes range from 15-foot layouts to 24-foot layouts covering most designs available in todays market. 
The size and layout of your van are also key to the weight of your van ensuring an adequate payload and compliance to the maximum ATM.

Towing Capacity

Your vehicles tow capacity will determine how big of a caravan you can tow as well as its suitability for the intended terrain.

Tare mass

 The weight of the caravan before it leaves the factory. 


The maximum load your van can carry. This is determined by the suspension capacity, tyre capacity and tow ball rating.


The payload is the difference in weight from your ATM and your TARE WEIGHT.

Tow Ball Mass

 This is critical to the performance of your van. Having a light tow ball will result in the van lifting and having a heavy tow ball will result in the car sagging. Both are unsafe for towing.


The weight of the caravan and the car combined during travel. 


Setting a budget is also very critical to your buying process. To purchase a true off-road caravan, you would need a budget over 75k. This is to ensure you are purchasing a true off-road caravan fitted with the necessary features to ensure your comfort and suitability for your intended travel. Entry level off-road caravans can start at 75k and go to in excess of 120k for a fully equipped off-road caravan.