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Masterpiece Caravans prides itself on its manufacturing processes, engineering background and our stringent quality control systems.


Masterpiece Caravans prides itself on its manufacturing processes, extensive engineering background and stringent quality control systems. We not only source the best materials globally to build and construct our caravans, but we also partner with Australia’s leading suppliers to provide you with superior after sales service. Our Two Year General and Five Year Structural Warranty is a partnership between the customer, dealer and manufacturer.

Masterpiece Caravans has several dedicated departments to ensure that the caravans meet the strictest quality control measures and meet and exceed the compliance requirements of the various governing bodies.

Beginning with the planning department, ensuring all designs are compliant and each layout meets all Australian Design Rules to ensure your safety whilst towing and using our caravans.

A dedicated Quality Control Supervisor ensures all phases of the manufacturing process meet the strict guidelines put in place by the Compliance Team. At each section of construction, a checklist with photos is completed and stored on our servers before the caravan can commence to the next stage of manufacturing.

Lastly, our dedicated customer service team are always on hand to assist with any of your enquiries. Owners have a system to follow to ensure prompt and efficient attention is dedicated to their questions and swift resolutions are provided for any potential issues.

Masterpiece Caravans prides itself on its five-star after-sales service, the backbone of our success. Being there through your journey to assist, guide and support the customer during the warranty period is what continues to be the reason why our customers past, present and future continue to support our brand and enjoy our products.

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Masterpiece Caravans prides itself on showcasing its production facility, range of caravans and intimate knowledge of all things Off-Road caravans. We welcome all our customers to come and see the caravans during manufacturing. We are happy to highlight and display our unique R-Tech Construction and how it is a superior construction method in today’s market.

During factory tours, you may meet the owner, Remon, and his team of professionals. We will discuss all your caravanning requirements, layout choices, inclusions and colour selections. You can rest assured you will get the caravan of your dreams as you are assisted by an experienced team willing to go the extra mile willing to meet and exceed your expectations.

Masterpiece Caravans is unique in that it owns three of its dealerships nationwide. Our dealership network also includes a few independent dealers selected based on having the same customer service values as Masterpiece Caravans. Owning it’s dealerships and working with like-minded independent dealerships to provide the ultimate end-to-end buying experience. From your initial purchase, to your design specifications, colour choice and eventual signing of plans, we aim to make the whole buying experience as simple and enjoyable as possible, resulting in the seamless handover of your new caravan.

Book your factory tour and experience the Masterpiece Caravans difference through your local dealership or through Masterpiece Caravans direct via

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