Manufacturing & Build Process

Masterpiece Caravans take exceptional care in our caravan manufacturing process and goes through rigorous test and can last the toughest Australian conditions.

Custom Designed and Engineered Chassis by Road King Chassis

For a true OFF-ROAD Caravan, the chassis is the foundation and platform which will allow your caravan to stand up to Australia’s harshest terrain. Road King Chassis uses premium 450 Grade Zinc Galvanised Australian Steel giving you peace of mind that your chassis will last the test of time. Adhering to strict Australian Design Rule 62/02 as well as the Vehicle Standards Bulletin-01, every chassis not only complies and exceeds regulations but is also put through stress and analysis test to ensure all chassis are delivered to the highest standards and quality


Each of our models is fitted with the most suitable independent suspension for its desired travel. Using market leading suspensions from both CRUISEMASTER and ALKO giving your caravan the best ride possible. Together with electric 12 INCH OFF ROAD brakes and the market leading DO-35 COUPLINGS our vans are designed to suit all off-road conditions.

Wheels and Tyres 

Each of our models is fitted with the most suitable wheel and tyre combination for its desired travel. MPC is leading the industry in its innovation and custom designed wheels and tyres to suit our models and the Australian terrain.

Construction and Build 

Simply using an off-road suspension does not give the consumer the confidence that they are buying an off-road caravan. The construction plays a major factor in ensuring your caravan will stand up to the rigors of the terrain you intend to travel. Our engineering background and design software allows us to have a innovative and unique build process.


Sourcing the latest products from reputable Australian suppliers allows us to constantly evolve and develop the best in comfort, luxury, technology and innovation. Examples such as Lithium Battery Management Systems, Instant How Water Systems, Lightweight Durable Construction Material, Compressor Fridges, German model Gas Heaters and Air conditioners and the list goes on. 

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Customers safety is a major priority in the design and build of all Masterpiece Caravans. Positioning of water tanks, axles, toolboxes and the like as well as ensuring the caravan has the correct balance and centre of gravity to optimise the towing capability of the caravan.
Further to this all our vans are fitted with ALKO ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL giving you further safety and security on the road.