Since its beginning in 2015 - founder, owner and Director Remon Raffaello had a clear vision for what type of company and caravan range he wanted to create and produce, targeting Australia’s Off-Road caravan market.

Remon used his extensive engineering background together with his 10+ years in the caravan industry where he worked in various critical roles with a particular focus on design and construction to create the Masterpiece Caravans you see today. In early 2017 Remon quickly realised he would need a larger facility to continue his journey to becoming one of the top Off- Road caravan manufacturers. Purchasing a 7,400 Sqr mtr block of land in the heart of Campbellfield was the beginning of the future. By the end of 2017 construction was complete and by January 2018 Masterpiece Caravans had its own purpose built caravan manufacturing facility.

The facility offers huge office space to allow its staff to work to the best of their qualifications and produce quality Off Road caravans. A separate boardroom to accommodate for all customers during factory tours whilst overlooking the factory’s production line, makes choosing the right finishes for your Masterpiece a simple and efficient process. Continuing the journey Remon kept focusing on Research and Development, both locally and on a global scale in his pursuit for manufacturing excellence.

The purchase of new a CNC machine and Edge Bander, along with various other precision machinery and tooling allowed Masterpiece Caravans production to produce high quality hand crafted Off-Road caravans. Once the production facility was equipped to handle Remon’s vision he then set out to source the best possible construction materials to compliment and better his caravan manufacturing process and build. Working with our German and Italian partners the revolutionary R-TECH construction method was born. R-TECH construction consists of a unique one piece floor, unique Fibroplast framing material and finished with Aircell insulation. This unique concept is exclusive to Masterpiece Caravans which allows us to build stronger, lighter and rot free caravan.

Remon strongly believes in continuous improvement and innovation and together with his team is confident that he will continue to build high quality luxurious Off-Road caravans for his customers to fulfil all of their travel dreams in style, luxury and comfort.