Since its beginning in 2015 - founder, owner and Director Remon Raffaello had a clear vision for what type of company and caravan range he wanted to create and produce, targeting Australia’s Off-Road caravan market.

Masterpiece Caravans was established in 2015 by founder and owner Remon Raffaello. He had a clear vision to design, engineer and manufacture Australia’s best luxury Off-Road caravans. Remon used his extensive engineering background and 12+ years in the caravan industry to create the Masterpiece Caravans brand.

As part of Remon’s vision and the rapid growth of the Masterpiece Caravans brand, it was apparent that a new, larger, purpose-built manufacturing facility would be the next step in its growth and expansion. Purchasing land in the heart of Campbellfield allowed Remon to build his dream manufacturing facility and has enabled his team of skilled professionals to bring to life the Masterpiece Caravans Off-Road range. The land size purchased was over 7400sqm, resulting in the production floor growing to over 4000sqm. The new facility houses two separate office areas for the production, sales, and administration teams. The highlight is the boardroom that oversees the factory floor. This feature allows both customers and suppliers to conduct business in a welcoming and friendly environment designed to make everyone appreciate the Masterpiece Caravans Difference.

With the production facility set up to manufacture Australia’s best Off-Road caravans, Remon established local and global relationships with suppliers nationwide and worldwide to deliver unique and innovative products that further enhanced the Masterpiece Caravans brand. Remon’s intimate knowledge of caravan construction, together with his engineering background, both civil and electronics, gave him the ideas to source the best possible products to complement his vision for Masterpiece Caravans and establish itself as a leader in the Off-Road caravan market.


R-Tech Construction was born with the consumer demand for lighter, stronger and rot-free building materials to protect their caravan and investment for years.

This innovative framing material was designed and engineered with a unique point of difference that still allowed Masterpiece Caravans to use today’s construction methods. This new material allows for a lighter yet stronger frame of the caravan. This type of construction provides two crucial benefits that other building materials don’t offer. The first is that it is rot-free and waterproof, and the second, is that it has thermal properties that don’t allow the transfer of the outside elements into your caravan.

The next critical factor for building a structurally solid caravan was implementing a new one-piece structurally engineered floor. The floor was designed to give the caravan a solid foundation with no chance of water ingress and have the best insulation properties coupled with the highest fixing strength for all the caravan’s internal furniture.

The last component was to find a material to replace the traditional polystyrene insulation that had to be cut or trimmed to allow cabling to pass through. This cutting resulted in a loss of thermal insulation. Using AirCell insulation allowed for the van to be fully insulated with the cabling able to go over the insulation, therefore maximising the thermal properties of the caravan.

Remon’s pursuit to innovate and improve his product to make it lighter, stronger, rot-free, as well as the best insulated caravan on the market was now complete.